Month: May 2021

Episode 16: Calling on the ancients from Canada

What secrets does our past hold? What magic can be found in our ancient roots? Stephen Aube from Canada has taken these questions to heart and ended up transforming them into the prima materia for his life mission. He has travelled the world from Peru to Turkey, from Ecuador to France, to learn from treasure thieves, shamans, star readers, and historians everything he could about ancient civilizations. All this preparation led him to his discovery of the Getae and their advanced culture in the heart of Romania. But truth be told: he had no clue what adventures were about to unfold. Dive deep with Stephen into the ancient Dacian civilization and find out more about his efforts to revive the old giants in the memory of humankind in Episode 16 of the Wo/anderers podcast.

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Episode 15: Gene Keys magic in Romania

When spiritual teachings collide with scientific knowledge and ancient writings, that is what you’d call a breakthrough. Richard Rudd from the United Kingdom is no stranger to such a wonderful coming together, as he is the soul behind the Gene Keys, a wisdom-infused synthesis that helps people from every corner of the globe know more about themselves and the world. His encounter with Romania has a special seat reserved in his heart, since this is one of the places that have embraced the teachings of the Gene Keys so early on and so eagerly. Fast forward to the present day, Richard’s interactions with Romanians have been a cauldron of continuous growth and transformation for both parties. Find out more about how the people and the culture touched Richard, what he observed in the Romanian people and what are his hopes for this special place in episode 15 of the Wo/anderers podcast.

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Episode 14: No Limits in Jiu Valley

An adventure that started in 2012 has flourished into an inspiring place in 2021 from the minds and hearts of Felipe and Janelle Silva, from Brazil and Canada respectively. They are the founders of the Fără Limite youth climbing gym in Jiu Valley, a soulful place that supports the healthy development of the entire community. Listen to their adventures on this Wo/anderers episode.

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