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Felipe and Janelle Silva, the first couple on the Wo/anderers podcast from Brazil and Canada, started their Romanian adventure back in 2012, when they got involved in developing youth projects for children in Jiu Valley. Little did they know that their heart would not let them leave this corner of natural paradise and that this would be the place they would settle, and even where they would start a family. A dream of Felipe kept both of them focused and determined to remain in Jiu Valley, to strive towards their noble cause of putting together a youth climbing gym, where children could learn valuable life skills like will power, teamwork, discipline, and commitment. Many years and a huge collection of stories later, the Fără Limite climbing gym is a thriving, lively hub for the entire Jiu Valley community, a place that adds its much-needed good vibes to the place. Find out Felipe and Janelle’s Romanian stories in this episode of the Wo/anderers podcast.

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