Month: January 2021

Episode 13: British hope in the Romanian South

Not many can claim the experience of a simple Google search sending them off into the journey of their lifetime. But Claire Melinte, President of the “Asociatia Bunul Samaritean” in rural Galati, can certainly tick that box. And what an adventure she signed up for! Originally from the United Kingdom, Claire ended up in Nicoresti, Galati, as a volunteer for the charity that she now leads together with her husband. Her Romanian adventure started in 2005 with plenty of culture-shock moments, but also with a big, heartfelt desire to help the people from the village out of their murky status quo. More than 15 years later, one can see the beautiful results of Claire’s patience and hard work, that she achieved together with the entire Bunul Samaritean team: many children from Nicoresti are being put through school and are supported in their educational pursuits, elderly folk are being well looked after, and those disabled in the village are finding a caring place to call home, most for the first time in their lives. This episode promises to warm your hearts up, a perfect treat for the beginning of the year. So open your ears, your curiosity and heart, and enjoy the show

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