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What is love? What is your soul? What mission have you come here, on this planet, to fulfill? These important questions have inspired Andrew Kenneth Fretwell from the United Kingdom to direct his entire energy into bringing their content closer to home. Or more specifically, as a spiritual space holder, he took it upon himself to help others connect with their higher, truer selves. Romania played a pivotal role in refining Andrew’s life mission, which is closely linked to the ancient Daoist philosophy, through the unique openness of its people and the deep sacred energy contained within the land itself. His entry point into the country’s heart happened through friendship, growing from one special connection to the other. Today, even after having closed his Romanian life chapter, Andrew still carries all the lessons and special moments he picked up from his 5 years in the country, not to mention that he continues living the Romanian spirit through his thriving relationship with his Romanian girlfriend. The legacy that Andrew left in Romania is vast, from introducing spiritual teachings such as the Gene Keys to touching people on a personal level with his example and mastery. Enjoy a light and lovely conversation about life’s deepest topics with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell in Episode 18: The Dao, the Brit and the Dacians of the Wo/anderers podcast.

  • Andrew’s official website:, where you can check out Andrew’s latest programs, courses, reading materials, and mentorship opportunities;
  • Some context about the Dao De Jing or Tao-te Ching;
  • To find out more about the spiritual teachings of the Gene Keys, check out our very own podcast episode with the creator, mystic, and writer Richard Rudd;
  • More about Mircea Eliade and his book, The Forge and the Crucible;
  • Get to know Master Mantak Chia’s ethos and work;
  • The work of Andrew’s friends (and part of his legacy in Romania): Adrian Băjenaru and Adrian Constantinescu.

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