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Bulgaria and Romania share so much history, so many cultural aspects, and even words (hello zacusca!). And yet, these two nations seem to have gone their own way, on a different path from one another. Instead of studying the tidbits of some far-away land, today we take a closer look at Romania’s old neighbor through the eyes of Stefan Nenov. A young marketeer and aspiring entrepreneur, Stefan has not lived in Romania, but instead, has gotten close with the Romanian people and culture, especially through work. In Episode 7, we dive deep into the common past shared by the two countries, what connects the two cultures at their core, what both Romanians and Bulgarians should learn about meeting their potential, and what actions both could take for a prosperous future. Enjoy this rich conversation with Stefan!

What topics we cover in episode 7:

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Read the full conversation from “Episode 7: Know thy neighbour” with Stefan below.

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