Episode 3: First times change you

Imagine an old man, taking care of his little coffee house next to the beach, talking to strangers and getting to know them better. This is Luis Garcia’s dream, inspired by his first out-of-the-country experience that took him to Romania. The Belgian-born, half-Spanish-half-Belgian is still in his early 20s, but is already aiming to achieve his dream of living life in a laid-back, relaxed manner as soon as he can. Straight after finishing highschool, Luis decided to adventure out into the world. Although planning to move to Cluj-Napoca, he eventually ended up living in Brașov, where he rediscovered his love for nature, his passion for snowboarding, and got to know himself more than ever before. Enjoy listening to Luis’ winter adventures in episode 3 of Wo/anderers!

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Episode 2: A new perspective, a new life

A former soldier in the Royal Netherlands Army turned traveling gardening salesman, Bart Lunenburg from the Netherlands takes the stage for episode 2. He found Romania by accident in the middle of his soul-searching, at a time when he needed some drastic change in his life. Following a “why not” attitude and diving head-first into the unknown, Bart flew to Romania and never looked back. Living and working in Brașov, Bart got to find himself through beautiful friendships, road-trip adventures, and being touched by the unique Romanian hospitality and spirit. It was the best decision he could ever take. Bart is even reaping the benefits of his Romanian wo/ander now, in his current job – which he calls his dream job. He says his Romanian experience was the key to secure this opportunity. Overall, Romania carved a soft spot in Bart’s heart. We get to discover this together in episode 2.

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Episode 1: Happy birthday, Romania!

Birthdays are always special. They are a great way of reminding us just how far we have gotten in life – how many beautiful moments we have lives, but also, how many challenges we have managed to put behind us. For the 101st celebration of the birth of Romania, things are not that different. Together with Guido, a young Argentinian engineer and our first guest on the wo/anderers podcast, we looked at Romania’s historical triumphs and tribulations, its cruel and shaping past, while also carrying the hope for a better, more mature future.

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